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  • Duration: January 2020 – January 2024 (4 years)
  • Budget: € 2.5 Milion ( € 2 Milion EU-funded)
  • Coordinator: UITP (International Association of Public Transport)
  • Technical Manager: ITxPT
  • Consortium: UITP, ITxPT, and the Member States Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, and Sweden
  • Vision & Ambition

  • Objectives

  • Vision & Ambition

    Public transport services rely increasingly on information systems to ensure reliable, efficient operation and widely accessible, accurate passenger information. These systems are used for a range of specific purposes: setting schedules and timetables, managing vehicle fleets, issuing tickets and receipts, providing real time information on service running, and so on. Data is the key to a well-functioning public transport system, and large amounts of data are collected by the many providers to enhance their services.

    DATA4PT aims to advance how data in Europe is treated and shared, to further improve the mobility services. The main objectives of DATA4PT consist of technical and organisational activities to facilitate the development and

    deployment of the European public transport data standards Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI. These standards will provide Union-wide multimodal travel information services which apply to the TEN-T network, including urban nodes.

    These standards will make it easier for public transport providers to deploy services and meet the ever-changing mobility demand and behaviour of travellers.

    DATA4PT is coordinated by UITP (International Association of Public Transport) and ITxPT is the Technical Manager. Within the project, they work together with nine different EU-member states.

  • Objectives

    Data4PT’s overall objective is to support the development of data exchange standards and models, to fulfil the needs of multimodal travel information service providers.

    By supporting EU Member States in deploying a set of harmonised European public data standards (Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI), Data4PT aims to enable union-wide multimodal travel information services and contribute to a seamless door-to-door travel ecosystem across Europe that covers all mobility services.

    The objectives of Data4PT are:

    • Support the technical development of Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI to fulfil the needs of multimodal travel information service providers;
    • Conduct technical artefact maintenance;
    • Develop data validation tools and test platforms;
    • Conduct required updates for all standards;
    • Assist the development of National SIRI profiles;
    • Facilitate the operational use of Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI standards by Public Transport Operators and Public Transport Authorities;
    • Exchange of best practices among member states;
    • Develop the Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI end-user community through dissemination actions;
    • Build a long term sustainable governance and business model.

    All these actions aim to enable the interoperable exchange travel and traffic data and enhance partnerships amongst public authorities and travel information service providers.

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