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  • Mapping between NeTEx and GTFS


    The purpose of this presentation is to help understand the commonalities and differences between NeTEx and GTFS specifications in terms of content and usage. It aims to facilitate the correct conversion between these two formats when needed or make the right decision when both standards are available. But also, to enhance knowledge on making detailed comparisons and mappings between standards and specifications using the Transmodel conceptual model for Public Transport, with a focus on NeTEx and GTFS as a concrete example. 

    Access the presentation here.

  • Guidelines on how to compare data standards and data formats


    The purpose of this paper is to describe how to formalise establishing comparisons between data models that contain at least some overlapping concepts. The concepts of an Entity Mapping and a Mapping Table are introduced. This paper is based on previous studies, in particular on “INSPIRE-MMTIS: overlap in standards related to the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/1926” (EU/JRC, 2019), on the experience presented in “Joint Working Group on the Harmonization of Parking related Information Standards” (2020) and on the comparison of the GTFS with Transmodel/NeTEx.

    Read the report here.

  • NeTEx European Passenger Information Profile (EPIP). The technical artefacts.


    Ideally all member states will provide NeTEx files according to the European Passenger Information Profile (EPIP) on their respective National Access Point. Data4PT provides some artefacts to simplify producing and quality assure such information. These artefacts can be used as basis for the specification on national profiles.
    A graphic and interactive technical presentation of the adapted schema is available along with EPIP-adapted version of the full NeTEx XML schema and a relevant example.

    Follow the link.

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