DATA4PT and NAPCORE highlight essence of open data for better urban mobility at TRA

DATA4PT was ‘delira and excira’ (as the Irish say!) to attend TRA in Dublin and to contribute to the biggest transport research conference in Europe.

DATA4PT had the pleasure to host a session on multi-modal data sharing together with the NAPCORE project, looking at how the projects are jointly advancing open data sharing practices to achieve better mobility. Moderated by Efe Usanmaz of UITP, panelists dived deeper into the challenges and opportunities for standardized data exchange and how collaboration and stakeholder engagement is vital to leverage those opportunities.

Timo Hoffmann, German Federal Highway Research Institute and NAPCORE General Secretary presented how the project is coordinating the NAPs in Europe and is undertaking harmonisation activities, such as the creation of standardised data descriptions and generating common understanding of delegated regulations. ‘Considering NAPCORE, we’re looking to move from a project setup to an organization governance.’

Managing Director of AustriaTech Martin Russ explored the implementation of MMTIS in Austria and showcased how DATA4PT has been instrumental in raising awareness and building capacity for the implementation of EU data standards on a national level. ‘The DATA4PT Data Validation tool enhanced our work on data quality, and reliable data are the solid ground for reliable services.’

Representing the IMT – Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes  and the PT partners), Senior Advisor Ricardo Tiago discussed the Status of Transmodel/NeTEx/ SIRI/ standards adoption in Portugal, also providing a glimpse into ‘1Bilhete’: a new nationwide intermodal ticketing technology platform enabling interoperability between existing systems, as well as the introduction of new ticketing systems.

Charlotte van Hek, Communications Manager at UITP highlighted the strong community DATA4PT has built over the years, emphasising how the engagement of partners, Members States, implementing bodies and experts has been key for the uptake and legacy of project results.

Thank you to all speakers and attendees for their great insights!

The presentations of all speakers are available here.

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