DATA4PT at 2022 International Mobility Data Summit

Early June 2022, DATA4PT had the pleasure of speaking at the 2022 International Mobility Data Summit. Represented by Christophe Duquesne, who is part of the DATA4PT Experts’ Team, the conference was the perfect opportunity to present the project and SIRI and NeTEx to a wide and international audience.

While Europe was also represented, the Summit had a very international focus: the majority of attendees was from North America, including from Massachusetts (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority), California (The California Integrated Travel Project or Cal-ITP, Google, Apple).

Attendees also came from Europe: Netherlands with Tomp, Finland (Aavista), UK (ITO) and various French enterprises: Enroute, Flowbird, Zenbus, and FabMob, among others.

While nearly all talks were about GxFS, DATA4PT focused in its talk on what is happening in Europe: therefore DATA4PT had the opportunity to describe the project’s Transmodel ecosystem to an audience not yet familiar with it.

Overall, the International Mobility Data Summit provided a key opportunity for DATA4PT to share knowledge about project objectives, and furthermore SIRI and NeTEx, to an interested audience outside of EU borders.

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