DATA4PT feeds discussions at ITS EU Congress on how quality data can advance seamless and sustainable mobility

From 22 to 24 May, DATA4PT project partners and experts took part in the ITS EU Congress in Lisbon. With ‘Digitalisation and the data value chain’ as one of the central topics, DATA4PT had the opportunity to provide valuable input in multiple sessions on how data can support better mobility.

On 22 May, the TP12 session ‘Governance and interoperability’ saw DATA4PT expert Fabrizio Arneodo (Chief Information Technology Officer at 5T) discuss how mobility data through regional access points can enable strategic services.

The session ‘The future of multimodal mobility for passengers in the EU’ (SIS 64) was organised by the European Commission’s DG MOVE and included speakers from UITP, MaaS Alliance and ITxPT. At the session, DG MOVE presented two important legislation packages coming: an update on the Multimodal Travel Information Services (MMTIS) Delegated regulation, and a new legislation package called Multimodal Digital Mobility Services (MDMS).

Panellists discussed how these legislation frameworks can provide seamless travel experience for the passengers and improve sustainable mobility, and how projects such as DATA4PT can further support EU data models by advancing data quality.

DATA4PT was also presented at the session ‘Innovations in quality assessment for multimodal ITS services and data’ (SIS 55), where Technical Manager ITXPT presented how the project seeks to advance the adoption of EU multimodal data exchange standards across the EU. The DATA4PT Validator was featured in this session, which had a big audience that showed great interest in the developments and implementations, while also sharing their point of view in regarding data quality priorities. 

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