DATA4PT holds successful Stakeholders Forum in Brussels

On 29 November 2022, DATA4PT organised its 3rd Stakeholders Forum in Brussels. Titled “Accurate data for better mobility: exploring the Data Validation Tool for NeTEx and SIRI datasets“, the hybrid event provided a deeper look into DATA4PT validation tools and covered the following topics:

  • EU Multi-modal data governance: Updates and Insights on EU legislation & Data models updates
  • The importance of qualitative data: Keynote from a Public Transport Authority
  • Presentations & Panel Discussion: Exchange of accurate qualitative data and return of experience in using DATA4PT tools by cities/pilots

The event was very successful, with high engagement and participation from both speakers and the audience. As stated by Anders Selling, Secretary General of ITxPT: “It was an event with unusual high engagement: there were many discussions and questions from the audience, which I believe is a sign that DATA4PT delivers an appreciated support to current needs among Member States and stakeholders with interests in mobility data and National Access Points.”

Discussions at the event proved that NeTEx and SIRI are gaining more and more space in the ecosystem, as they cover a wide range of use cases. However there is still need to increase knowledge around the standards and around the relevant legislation.

Furthermore, harmonisation of data formats, profiles and data validation methods are key to enable interoperability, and the exchange of concrete examples and practices is very important and much appreciated. Finally, collaboration between different counties and networking was promoted successfully at the event.

The DATA4PT Team would like to thank all speakers and participants for their efforts!

Both the recording and the presentations of the Forum can be found in our Library.

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