Data4PT invites experts in the areas of Transmodel, NeTEx, SIRI and National Access Points

The DATA4PT project is currently looking for external experts with skills in the areas of European public transport data standards Transmodel, NeTEx, and SIRI for the provision of Union-wide multimodal travel information services which apply to the TEN-T network including urban nodes. 

The experts should contribute to the development of the project through an Experts Team and Network by providing support to the EU Member States in the process of implementing and managing National Access Points according to ITS Directive MMTIS (EU/2017/1926). 

Our approach is to offer an open call to inviting experts with complementary profiles, different nationalities and languages. 

The organisation is likely to evolve over time depending on project phase and Member State needs. As a start we intend to gather a core team of experts to organise and start the work and in a near future engage further experts as part of the network. An important activity in the project will also be to train further experts that will be able to join the network both during the DATA4PT project and thereafter to provide sustainable and efficient support. 

The technical objectives of the DATA4PT project are to:  

  • Support the technical development of Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI and EU common minimum profiles to fulfil the needs of multimodal travel information service providers  
  • Develop the Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI end-user community  
  • Facilitate the operational use of Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI data standards and their updates by public transport operators and authorities 

As an expert in the DATA4PT project you should have the relevant expertise to be able to provide support in at least one of the following areas: 

  • Technical support: to collect, understand, manage and dispatch requests for technical support related to standards specification, implementation and use-cases and to maintain technical artefacts 
  • Standards update: to have a thorough knowledge of the relevant standards and report implementation feedback to CEN TC278 WG3 to update related EU standard 
  • External exchanges and relations: to have an overview of technology intelligence related to DATA4PT at EU level (TC278 WG17), ISO (TC204 WG8/WG17/WG19) and coordinate and network with any other initiatives, projects and organizations (like MobilityData) 
  • FAQ, guidelines, examples: to prepare guidelines and FAQ based on outcomes from technical requests and support/coordinate with for development of national profiles 
  • Tools: to map, benchmark and support the development and specification of tools for conversion and validation 
  • Dissemination & training: to organize communication activities and e.g prepare folders and training material, support and coordinate information on websites and organisation of events in laboratories 

As an expert you will be part of the DATA4PT project over the full project length or part of the time. All engagements will be limited to part-time or to specific tasks.

Remuneration will be according to a standard daily rate and based on assigned and reported tasks.  

Please send you application with descriptionof your areas of expertise and (CV in English) to: 

Anders Selling, Secretary General, ITxPT  

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