Enhancing data for better public transport: DATA4PT launches new Data Validation Tool

The DATA4PT project aims to support public transport operators and EU Member States in the deployment of data exchange standards and models. Essential in this support is to ensure that the data offered is of high quality. Whether info on train departure times, bus lines, or availability of shared bikes, operators want to provide passengers with up to date and accurate data that is also accessible by other mobility stakeholders.

To ensure the data offered is of high-quality, accessible and conforming with EU standards, the DATA4PT project is proud to announce it has developed a new Data Validation Tool. This Tool will help mobility stakeholders to verify if their data is of high quality and if it can be accessed by other stakeholders.

The Data Validation Tool has been developed to check NeTEx data, the EU standardised format for public transport which includes all static data such as timetables, fare offers, and route and network descriptions. At a later stage, DATA4PT will also launch a Validation Tool for SIRI, which is the standardised data format for flexible and real-time data, such as network disruptions and delays.

“The data validation tool for NeTEx files is one very important achievement and milestone for DATA4PT project. Not only because it is an enabler for the provision of qualitative and accessible public transport static data that can be used for several mobility applications, but also because it paves the way for more developments that could support stakeholders moving towards data digitalisation across EU and not only. The partners of the project, the experts team, the management team and ITxPT as responsible for the development, we worked together in order to provide a tool that can reply to most of the current needs and be able to evolve as the needs change.” Anastasia Founta, Transport Engineer at ITxPT

The quality dimension of the Data Validation Tool is aligned with the overall objective of the project, to enable the implementation of ITS Directive Delegated Regulation EU 2017/1926. In the end, the Data Validation Tool wants to advance interoperable exchange of travel and traffic data across Europe and facilitate seamless and sustainable mobility across EU.

You can access the tool here.

If you have any questions about the new tool, please contact Anastasia Founta at

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