New NeTEx and SIRI video tutorials

Getting to grips with NeTEx and SIRI? To be sure, improving how you manage your data as a public transport operator can revolutionise the whole service offer. For you to get the full benefit of such changes, it’s important to learn how to use important tools like NeTEx and SIRI, the EU data exchange standards for multimodal mobility systems.

The DATA4PT team has two upcoming video tutorials that will explore both NeTEx and SIRI.

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#1 How to Manage & Share Public Transport Data in One Go
Using NeTEx and SIRI for Public transport operations
3 April. 11:45 CEST

How can you manage and share public transport data all at once? If you’re a public transport authority or operator, or if you want to learn how to manage multi-modal operations, NeTEx and SIRI are for you!

#2 How to Improve the Passenger Experience with Real-time Data
SIRI benefits for passengers
30 April. 11:45 CEST

Uncover the secrets to happier passengers: Watch this video to see how real-time data can improve the public transport experience.

Find all tutorials on the Data4PT tutorials playlist!

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