DATA4PT publishes update of NeTEx Data Validation Tool

In June 2022, DATA4PT was proud to launch the Data Validation Tool, aiming to help mobility stakeholders verify their data and ensuring it is of high quality and accessible for other stakeholders. The Data Validation Tool was developed to check NeTEx data, the EU standardised format for public transport which includes all static data such as timetables, fare offers, and route and network descriptions.

Since, then several updates have been made, to better meet the needs of advanced users.

In particular, some of the changes on the core tool (script folders) are:

  • Squashed bunch of bugs related to performance, validation result, memory security & errors
  • Added an extended standard library with the ability to query multiple files
  • Added error types and predefined paths for ease of use
  • Added support for different NeTEx schema versions (e.g. national profiles)
  • Replaced large part of the validation lifecycle with a event emitter, giving the user control of which information is consumed

Some minor changes are also released for the web interface (GUI):

  • Updated to the new validation life cycle
  • Added version names to XSD schemas

More features will come in the coming months, to further enable customisation, to add possibilities to configure the rules, to introduce more content related rules, to facilitate the selection of rules depending on the use-case and to improve the reporting. Stay tuned!

You can test online and download the desktop version of the tool here.

Curious to know a bit more about the Validation Tool? Daria Kuzmina of UITP gives a recap of the tool below.

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